Colin Hayward from Monogram Digital told me the other day that he has Smoked Salmon and Egg on toast for breakfast each day. He explained to me that; “while it takes a little longer to prepare than a regular breakfast, he can consume it quicker, so no actual time is lost.” I mean, I was blown away by this, Colin is an exceptional programmer, and this gave me a clear insight into why.

While most of you are casually making and consuming your breakfasts, the super-smart amongst us are constantly working on their ‘Time to Effort’ ratios, to make themselves better, more efficient people. I guess this is why he’s such a good developer, this attention to detail and this consideration about his output. So this is why I’ll always use Colin and Monogram to build our sites, and why I wish I was organised enough to have Smoked Salmon and Egg on toast for breakfast each day.