Let me tell you why this; Virgin Media | ‘Inspired’ TV ad is the most infuriating advert on TV at the moment.

Quick bit of background, I’m completely Paloma Faith Intolerant, this means when I hear her voice I’m forced to leave the room, if she’s on TV I’ll bury face into a cushion, and if I’m driving and she comes on the radio, I’ll drive the car into a ditch to avoid listening, so I’m definitely not the best person to be commenting on this, but I hate it and you have to as well.

The Ad starts with a child happily sitting watching football the iPad, now as a parent I can tell you, you never disturb them when they’re like this, and you certainly never try and show them something else, unfortunately, her jerk of a sister thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to drop-in,  snatch the iPad off her and fire up some crusty old clips of women who supposedly inspired her. They’re all fairly obvious, all legit and all really impressive individuals, except, the elephant in the room, ‘Singer song writer and ACTIVIST,  Paloma Faith’ who for some completely unknown reason, is shown alongside Emmeline Pankhurst and Billie Holiday as a woman of ‘Inspiration’.

As the Ad progresses the little you can clearly see that the little girl has completely lost faith in the narrative, and she’s no longer capable of feigning amazement, so resorts to pulling a panicked face like she’s wrestling with a guff, a day after recovering from Diarrhoea. You can see her thinking ‘What the fuck was Paloma Faith doing in there? They told me this was about Inspirational Women, I’m going to murder that ass-hat-agent’.