I had an idea for an app one sweaty night at our band’s practice room back in May. I began to notice that bands used a few different apps on their phones to do a number of different functions, but there didn’t seem to a common solution that kept this all in one place, so from that moment, the seed of SetBoss was born.

The Practice Room can be a battle ground. Sometimes it’s a sweaty, creative and free flowing party-space, and other days it’s cold, frozen, headlock of nothing happening, but when those ideas flow you need to make sure you’ve got the tools to capture them, so we made Setboss, an ultra-simple tool for capturing your ideas and demos, making notes against them for timing and chords, and archiving them for the next session.

SetBoss is an app for bands to quickly capture demos, archive them, and most importantly write notes about them, a simple function that current dictaphone applications did not offer. On top of this SetBoss allows you to quickly create a Setlist, by dragging and dropping songs around, and then share and print this list with the rest of the band. You can also create multiple lists for different venues so when you’re on tour you’ve got access to a range of sets to mix it up every night.

Setboss is a simple idea that works well for a niche market, and most importantly from the design and planning stage to the build and delivery to the App Store it took me and my developer 25 days to complete.

Setboss is available here for £1.49

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