Stacks (currently in Beta) is personal finance App that helps people get a better control of their finances through a smart simple interface, and an even smarter, deeply complicated machine learning  database.

I was bought into the Texas based Stacks team earlier this year (2016) to help out with the naming, branding, and look and feel of the app. I’ve also been involved in the planning of how it all hangs together, and where to focus our efforts as we push to towards our investment goals.

Building and planning apps is about economies of everything, economising effort and ‘think points’ for the user and economising architecture and screen design from the development team. There’s nothing more fun than starting off with a blank screen, placing on there everything that needs to be represented, and then drilling down into every single pixel to cutback, combine and minimise each element until you’re left with a beautiful, clean design that does everything you need it to in as few actions as possible.

App design is quickly becoming Citizen’s core service, we’re designing apps everyday and it’s something we love doing. If you have an idea for an App, get in touch right now and let’s see how we can work together, we understand that money is tight for startups, and we’ve taken many equity deals in the past. Give BB a call on 07783 175 614 or email