Coss Marte from Conbody first came to my attention on the excellent StartUp podcast, when they broadcast a 2 part special on their incredible rise and decline, and rise again. Coss operated a $2m p/a drugs empire in NYC before being sentenced to 7 years inside, where Doctors told him he would die in five if he didn’t lose weight so he trained, using just his own body weight, in his 9×6 cell and lost 70lbs in 6 months.

After training other inmates and helping them to lose weight he came up with the idea for Conbody while in solitary confinement. When he was released he set up the company, and in the last 2 years it’s exploded across the media and online world, becoming a huge hit.

When I was approached to do a UI/UX survey of the site in July I was already aware of the brand, and jumped at the opportunity to help it grow, the pervious site had some issues with navigation and the journey was cluttered and confusing. We stripped this all back to make create a simple message, with easy to access CTAs and booking links, and redesigned the interface to make better use of their photography, and bring the language of Coss and his trainers into the design.

Conbody have now reach a point where Coss and his team of ex-cons are no longer able to service the potential audience that they’ve been reaching, and have started to offer an online subscription service that will meanConbody can expand and scale without diluting this unique and original service.

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