Two years ago I was asked by BandApp creator and CEO Adam Perry to come up with a name and quick logo for a concept he and some partners had for a Social Media Creator based event, that was pitched somewhere between Secret Cinema and DisneyLand, it was aimed at Generation Z, 14-20 year olds who consume their media in a completely different way to anything the world has ever seen before, and when it comes to the live space, are grossly under represented. After a few days of research and frantic scribbling I presented back to them ‘HelloWorld‘, a greeting from the people who have only been on your screens until now, and who have stepped out from their bedrooms into the real world. Everybody loved it and that was the last I heard about the project for about a year.

Whilst on holiday a year later, I’ve completely decompressed, I’m in shorts, and probably eating an ice-cream, trying to stop any of my 3 kids falling into, or throwing their stuff into the sea. I get a call from Adam and funding has been secured, we’re good to go as soon as I get back, now it takes me a little time to even remember what this is about, but it feels big, and as the news sinks in over the rest of my holiday, I return to my office with a new tan, and a new brief, bring HelloWorld to life.

Here’s some of the brands we created;




Over the next six months that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, as Marketing Director I’ve been responsible for making HelloWorld a massive global brand, creating assets from nothing to a suite of graphics so sweet and easy to use, that we can quickly turn around dozens of online ad cards for Twitter and Instagram, as well as all the printed materials needed.

HelloWorld launched in June 2017 to a frenzied crowd, our VIP tickets sold out in 2 hours, we were on the BBC, MTV, Radio1 agreed to broadcast it, and our talent invited on to TV shows. We’d arrived the brand was now released into the wild, and when we saw on Twitter a fan had made cupcakes with the logo on, we knew we’d nailed it.

The HelloWorld brand is my greatest professional achievement, like all my best work it came together quickly and in a blur, it felt guided and out of my control, rich and versatile, with a genuine flexibility to be able to constantly lean on the same messaging, but present it in lots of different ways. HelloWorld is a commercial brand, it speaks to and sits with it’s demographic naturally, it’s also a clothing brand, a tone of voice, a music channel and a live show. It works because it’s so many things, and it’s adaptable enough to grow with its audience.

If you’re a startup looking to create a youth brand, and a suite of assets to work alongside it then speak to me today, let me buy you a coffee and let’s talk about how you can be the catalyst for my next best piece of work. Give me a call now on 07738 175 614