Ben Brown
Creative Director


I’ve been a designer for about 15 years, which seems like a really long time. I never had any formal training, and I’ve never been interested in what other designers are doing, and during my time I’ve only worked with a handful of people that I figured were smarter than me, probably not right, but let’s call it ‘ambition’. I’ve always had an in-built ability to look at something and know if it’s wrong, to hear a brief, and see it on the page in my head, and to sit with an idea and have the potential to see how big something could be.

Four years ago I set up Citizen Design, and I bring all my experience of working with top brands like Apple, The BBC and Universal Records to everything that I do and I love what I do. I like the kind of work that stays with you, gives you sleepless nights and makes you get up in the morning.

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Oh we know people, we know all kinds of people. We know the kinds of people you really want to work with, people that love what they do because they’re really very good at it. We’ve got lists of these kinds of people, and they’re the kinds of people it’d take you years to find.

This is who we work with. Citizen is an Octopus, with CitizenBB as the head, reaching out to Developers, Photographers, Copywriters, Illustrators, and Professional Ticklers.

Not everything we do is undertaken here in the Lab, but we’ll always be open with clients about this, our strategic partners are part of the Citizen Collective and everything they do is carefully managed and has to pass our quality test, even the tickling.

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Citizen has been around since the 90’s in one form or another, it’s twice been an operating agency, bought out once back in 2008, then revived again in it’s current carnation at the end of 2011. We operate from a small premises in Bedfordshire to a large and varied range of clients who are mainly London-based.

Our low over-heads, vast brand experience and pool of Citizen Collectives mean we can offer a range of services at a very high level for an extremely reasonable rates.

Read about how our Services work here, or Get in touch with us today to talk about your project, and as we used to say around here ‘Let’s Create Something’.