Site Design & Build

“It’s got to do everything”


I work very closely with MonogramDigital on my web builds, and for those guys, ‘everything’ is totally achievable. As Developers go I’ve worked with a few, and Colin at Monogram is head and shoulders above anyone I’ve ever met, it’s fair to say, he’s not your normal Developer.

Our process for site design starts with pencil and paper over a coffee, I’ll plan your site experience and navigation and then build a working wireframe for you to pay with, and explore your User Journey. Once we’ve agreed this structure I’ll start layering in the design, and present you with options for Home and Contents pages. When these are agreed I’ll design every relevant page across the site and hand over to Monogram to deliver the build, which you can read about over on their site.

Another Way

Of course there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and we can handle the smaller sites, with smaller budgets internally, by utilising a great WordPress template called DIVI (actually, this site was built on it!), it’s very flexible, and easy to work with and doesn’t require a Development resource. There are of course some limitations, but nothing that will hold us back. You can read about it here.