Raising a Start-up.

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing a new idea for an app and thinking ‘I’d actually use that!’, it’s a very simple barometer of how effective an idea is, and when BandApp came along, I was very motivated to be involved. It combined everything I loved and am good at, Branding, Music and App Design. 

Starting from a whiteboard I was involved in the brand, design and how the App actaully worked from day one.

Rock ‘n’ Roll App Design.

It was super important to the brand that we had a voice and a personality, from the start we had to be borderline aggressive, full-on and in your face, BandApp didn’t ask bands to download it, it told them they had to, and from the moment we started to launch the teasers, people were excited, it was working!

A brand like this can be as bold as you can make it, a strong voice gives you a really valuable platform that you can utilise to sell the Apps benefits without worrying about subtle messaging.

Olympic Effort, All-Round!

BandApp was a very complicated build, we had to develop a front end of the application, as well as a back end for users to build their own apps. All of this had to work together seamlessly and me and the development team worked, long, long hours to get this ready for launch. The night it went live was the same day the London Olympics started, and was an exciting time! 

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