A Complete Brand Story.

Free Focus was a brand built from the ground up, logo, stationery and site. A perfect kind of brief, from a creative client that wanted a sharp, simple identity for a busy and growing industry.

All new brands start off as a blank sheet of paper.

A blank piece of paper is a double edged-sword, it’s ‘nothing’ as much as the potential of ‘anything’, it can be inspirational, and intimidating depending on what mood I’m in, but in reality I never start with a totally blank piece of paper. From the moment I hear the brief ideas begin to form, are quickly discarded, discussed and developed. Sometimes these quick win ideas are terrible and sometimes they’re a perfect fit, but the start of this process is always the richest and most exiting.

Simple, Punch & Robust.

I build all of my sites on WordPress using a number of different template builders, with DIVI being my preferred choice. I love the versatile and robust design principals it works within, and how it manages many of the compatibility and usability issues on the fly.

I’ve been building sites for about 5 years now, so I’m relatively new, and my results speak for themselves, simple, creative punchy magazine, and corporate sites, make up the bulk of my portfolio, as well as this very site you’re on now.

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