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Coming up with App or Company names is a tough job, the first thing you think of is aways taken, terrible or massively pretentious. You can struggle for days, and then one day you’ll be watching The Royals and BANG, something will jump out at you and you have it. But what if you don’t watch The Royals, what if that magic never happen, is there a simple process to work through and force ideas? The answer of course as Prince Philip would say is “yes”.


1. The first thing to do is ‘nutshell’ the offering in a short punchy sentence, quite generic, something like ‘Easy way to check if the toilet is free’ or ‘Remote toilet availability checker’ I’ll recommend writing about 5 or 6 of these.


2. Then I use https://www.onelook.com/reverse-dictionary.shtml which is a reverse dictionary, so you can put definitions in and it’ll spit out words, there’ll be 100’s of these, feed the phrases in, work through the list and then write down anything that stands out.


3. Once I have about 30 words I like the sound of I’ll go to http://relatedwords.org and feed the words in. Again this will take those and give you related words to that word, so now you start to get a bit deeper into the kinds of names that might work. I also use http://www.thesaurus.com in the same way to put words in and see what comes out. This really mixes the pot and gives you things you might not have thought of.


4. From there I’ll try to get about 5-10 I like, then run these through https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company-name-availability and https://www.namecheck.com/mobile-apps/ for registering the name, and then http://www.ukreg.com to check the domain and see if there’s a way to extend, reduce to use a clever extension to clear it on both fronts.


Generally this gives me a bunch of ideas, the process can take anything up to 2 – 3 days, however sometimes I get desperate, and only then do I break out https://randomwordgenerator.com to see if that sparks anything. Obviously it’s random, and can take ages for anything relevant comes up, but when it does it’s beyond exciting.