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Have you need outside recently? The world is a big place, there’s nearly 7 billion people in it, and most of them are in the supermarket right now, buying stuff, mostly stuff they don’t need, that they can cram into their massive cars that are parked across two Parent and Baby spaces. Everyone you know has more choice and less time than ever before, I’m always amazed people have time to read this blog… wait, don’t leave!

When coming up with new ideas it’s more important than ever to identify your niché quickly, there’s no point in trying to become the next Facebook, it’s foundations are as big as Zuckerberg’s bank account, and there’s no way you can make a dent in that impenetrable fortress, and don’t start inventing solutions to problems that don’t really exist, if you think you really need to build an App to help people crowdsource opinion on their underwear co-ordination, you’ve probably gone too far.

There is way forward, and though smaller ideas we can reach genuine and valuable Pocket Markets, and still run sustainable business models. By servicing small groups of people with specific needs, you’ll find loyal, hyper-connected, solvent parts of the market, that will allow you to build successful brands and products around them.

I’m not saying there are no big ideas left, but I am saying you need to keep things real, keep looking for gaps, and the most important rule of all is if you have an idea that you, yourself would genuinely use, then the chances are there’s a group of users out there, and you have a valid product, and if this is you, then get in touch because you’re going to need a good brand to support it